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Malcolm Doran 1962

About the Artist

I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be an artist and it wasn’t long before I found myself in art school, then in college, following my interest. With this phase of my life completed I then devoted ten years painting in New York City’s SoHo district.

Now I am painting in California. My attention is drawn to the vast open spaces and special light of the desert.

Color is very important in my art, creating the overall harmony of the painting as well as its emotional impact. I also use color to control the imagined space in a painting through the depth perception that different colors can produce.

It’s important to me that people know how they feel about these pictures that I’ve made for their enjoyment as well. Read More

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[In reference to “Jack” from The Mask Series]… “WOW”, it’s haunting. Amazing piece. Your work is so wonderful in our new house.
Sky Dayton, Earthlink Founder
“I love Malcolm’s work. It’s imaginative and fresh. Malcolm’s style is truly unique. I purchased “The Island Girl” and it’s one of my very favorite pieces.”
Diane Morgan, Artist
Malcolm Doran’s work speaks to me. Every piece has something to say, as if having its own personality. The piece “Marilyn” cut me to the core. I believe Malcolm Doran is both brilliant and inspiring.
April O'Rear, Respiratory therapist
I think your abstracted face painting is an excellent commemoration for your brother and you certainly could make a high quality print series of these sort of pieces. I think your figurative work is also very strong.
Walter De Maria, Artist